Technology Used

Typical hybrid project example.

Colocation or hybrid technology as it is some times called …. refers to the now more common practice where new renewable energy projects in Australia are including not only wind turbines but also …. PV solar and or battery storage located within the wind farm or adjacent to it. The production of hydrogen is also being contemplated and investigated by some developers – investors. Colocation or hybrid projects can include;

  • PV or solar panels to generate electricity from the sun; and
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems or BESS; and
  • Hydrogen and or H2 production.

The effect of which is to provide a more reliable and secure form of energy supply to address the wind and solar resource intermittency profiles.

Hybrid technologies can reduce the risk for investors and ensure immediate reliability and affordability. They can also support a smoother transition to more renewable energy generation in the future. ARENA has a dedicated page here and provides some examples in Australia here.

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Port Gregory WA example.