What we do…

RREA is a special purpose company formed to originate, develop, project manage, finance and commission, new hybrid renewable energy projects with a focus on regional Australia load centres.

Deliverables …

  • Traditional developer type services targeting moderate scale developments accommodated in existing  transmission networks;
  •  Identification of suitable development sites reflecting, local environment and commercial considerations;
  •  A focused approach to attain on cost, on time and on yield developments;
  •  Leveraging off the skill basis and active participation of a proven development team;
  •  Partnering with recognised institutional investors who intend to hold the developments for the long term.


Each project has  a unique timeline but the typical steps are an assessment of;

  • Grid capacity;
  • Landowner interest;
  • Resource verification;
  • Community consultation;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Design feedback and iterations;
  • Survey work for constraints;
  • Reiterate design for constraints;
  • Landowner approval of design;
  • Submit to Planning Authority;
  • Further information or design changes;
  • Public Notification of Planning application;
  • Planning process involving submissions and or hearings;
  • Equipment selection;
  • Connection agreement;
  • Financial Close and construction;
  • Operations and maintenance; and
  • Decommissioning and or re-powering.


The benefits will vary by project but using a 16 turbine wind farm with say 22MW DC of co-located solar and 3 to 5 battery containers as a small to medium scale example- in Victoria – the indicative numbers are;

  • Greenhouse Gas Savings/Year: approximately 220,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent.
  • Homes Powered: approximately 54,000 homes.
  • Annual output up to 350 to 380 GWh pa.
  • 377 FTE positions during construction directly and indirectly.
  • 18.8 ongoing direct FTE positions both directly and indirectly in local community.