Regional Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

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What are Hybrid Projects

ARENA describes hybrid technology as one that integrates a renewable energy generation technology with other energy generation systems.

Hybrid technologies can reduce the risk for investors and ensure immediate reliability and affordability. They can also support a smoother transition to more renewable energy generation in the future. ARENA has a dedicated page here and provides some examples in Australia here. For more detail see here.

Our Projects

Proposed Projects Profiles and detailed information on each proposed project will be added to the projects page as details become available.

About Us

RREA is a special purpose company formed to originate, develop, project manage, finance and commission, new hybrid renewable energy projects with a focus on regional Australia load centers. For more details see here.


The technology used by Hybrid Projects is typically a combination of wind turbines, solar or PV generation, battery storage and possibly hydrogen. For more detail on each use the links.

Community Engagement

For each RREA project community engagement will be a key to ensuring the local community is recognised as part of the consultation, iterative design process, and in terms of contributing to localised benefits using Community Engagement Committees and Community Funds. More detail here.